Free BlackBerry Push Email and Sync Clients for BlackBerry smartphone

Sebagai alternatif pilihan, selain berlangganan push mail dari RIM (layanan BIS/BES), coba deh service sejenis berikut ini. Terutama bagi pemilik Blackberry BM yang bermasalah pin nya, alternatif ini adalah pengganti RIM BIS/BES 😀

Funambol provides two open source components for BlackBerry devices.

Funambol BlackBerry Push Email Client

The Funambol BlackBerry push email client enables BlackBerry users to get push email from email systems such as Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail and Gmail, as well as POP and IMAP Servers. It provides standard functionality in an email client, such as get and read mail, reply, reply all, forward, etc. It contains an integrated list of contacts from the Funambol server, which can sync contacts from many sources. The integrated contacts list eliminates the need to remember and type email addresses on your phone. For more information about the push email client’s capabilities, see the Funambol Java ME client ( upon which the BlackBerry client is based.

Funambol BlackBerry Mobile Sync Client

The Funambol BlackBerry Mobile Sync Client enables BlackBerries to perform over-the-air sync of contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. It works with the free myFUNAMBOL Portal ( or other Funambol servers, which in turn work with a wide array of email and groupware servers, as well as popular email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird. The mobile sync client can be set up to perform scheduled syncs as well as to sync on demand.


3 thoughts on “Free BlackBerry Push Email and Sync Clients for BlackBerry smartphone

  1. Yang artikel ini diperuntukkan untuk handset blackberry, pak…
    Terutama untuk pemilik handset BB yang pengin ngirit atau pemilik handset BB yang PIN BIS/BES nya bermasalah.
    Kalo handset lain, di artikel sebelumnya ada push mail gratis juga, supported untuk OS Symbian atau Windows Mobile, dimaksudkan untuk menikmati push mail non BIS/BES (kompetitor RIM).

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