About Bali and Java 1932, documentary home movies by Charlie Chaplin

Courtesy by favenchi,

Charlie Chaplin visited Java and Bali with his half brother Sidney in 1932. Together they took 16 mm black and white movie footage.
Charlie Chaplin travelled to “Batavia” (now Jakarta) on a mail steamer from Singapore……with his half brother Sydney they travelled to Bandung where they refreshed at the Grand Hotel Preanger….they went on to Garut, Borobudur Temple, Surabaya and then to Bali. Mr Chaplin was shown aroun Bali by artist and poet Wouter Spies (the young blonde headed man in the footage)….for 25 usd Charlie Chaplin hired out a local village to dance and perform whilst on Bali. Charlie Chaplin commented on the bare breasted ladies of Bali. Full details are in Mr Chaplin’s writings “A comedian sees the world”…..

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