Digital Marketing Internship Offering at Lintasarta 2013

Job Description

Lintasarta, a Datacomm, Internet and VAS & IT Service Company is recruiting a passionate Digital Marketing Intern with an interest in technology, online marketing and advertising, to work in a dynamic marketing environment.

This is an outstanding opportunity for a candidate who is interested in digital marketing to gain valuable experience within real projects in telco & IT Service industry. With full of company real project cases, this role is not to be missed.

The Digital Marketing Internship is a fast paced, exciting position as our team and business continue to grow. Candidates should be highly organized, capable of multi-tasking, and possess a strong desire to learn new skills and take on extra responsibilities.

The position involves a wide range of duties and responsibilities, specifically:

  • Collaborating with senior staff in the planning, execution and optimisation of campaigns to deliver large volumes of high-potential leads.
  • Contributing innovative ideas for strong & creative marketing campaigns.
  • Providing assistance in online media channel activities, including social media initiatives, monitoring digital activity, SEO, email, display marketing and e-commerce.
  • Managing website and digital content development.
  • Introducing new ideas and concepts in digital marketing.
  • Coordinating market research activity.

The ideal candidate must:

  • Be a well-organised, high achiever with a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Show initiative, creative skills and enjoy bouncing ideas off the rest of the team
  • Have some experience of content writing/video production/animation/internet marketing, or website management.
  • Have an understanding and enthusiasm around technology, especially digital products and services.
  • Have social media & blogging experience and a strong comprehension of emerging media and technologies.

On completion of the internship, candidates will have gained a good working knowledge of:

  • Corporate Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing, Video Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing, incl. Story Telling
  • Website/CMS Management
  • Video & Content Production
  • Keyword research, PPC, SEO & Advance Analytics
  • Call to Action and Landing Page Design

Upon the successful completion of a 4 – 6 month internship and proven performance, the Digital Marketing Intern will be eligible to receive a Job Certification Letter & Job Opportunity Offering. This internship is an unpaid position, however, expenses will be covered.

Please apply with a CV and Cover Letter to budi.wiyono at


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