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Simple carbohydrates can lead to weight gain

Lagi mencoba mengurangi nasi putih… gantikan dengan karbohidrat kompleks, seperti nasi merah yang sarat serat.

Seperti kita ketahui, nasi putih adalah karbohidrat sederhana yang bisa memicu insulin (jadi banjir insulin). Efeknya adalah memunculkan rasa lapar: “it’s time to eat”😀, berikut ini detilnya.

Karbohidrat sederhana yang harus kita kurangi secara serius:

Simple carbohydrates have either been stripped of their fiber through manufacturing or are naturally low in fiber to begin with. Because of this, the body metabolizes them more quickly. Examples of simple carbohydrates are: granulated sugar, corn and maple syrups, honey, molasses, fruit juices, soda, white bread and white pasta. Naturally occurring sugars like lactose, found in milk products, and fructose, in fruit juices are also referred to as simple carbohydrates.

Memakan terlalu banyak nasi putih menjadi biang obesitas… apa pasal?

Berikut ini penjelasannya:

Setelah tubuh mengkonsumsi karbohidrat sederhana (nasi putih yg berserat rendah),  akan ada trigger dari naiknya gula darah secara tiba-tiba, kemudian tubuh manusia memproduksi insulin untuk menurunkan gula darah, sayangnya insulin juga mendistribusikan lemak ke seluruh tubuh (perlu di catat disini, lemak tidak di convert jadi energi!). Banjir insulin/kelebihan insulin (hyperinsulinemia) menimbulkan sensasi gula darah turun tiba-tiba dan kemudian memunculkan sensasi rasa lapar:  “I’m hungry…. :D”

Eating too many simple carbohydrates can lead to weight gain because the quick blood sugar rise triggers the release of the hormone, insulin. Insulin’s main function is to lower blood sugars but it also transports fat around your body. An overproduction of insulin, also called hyperinsulinemia, results when your body finds itself having to produce more insulin in order to achieve a normal blood sugar level. You may notice how hungry you become soon after eating a bagel or a plate of pasta. This occurs because when you eat these simple carbohydrate- rich foods, the surge of insulin causes your blood sugar to drop, sending out a sensation of hunger. Our instinct is to reach for a quick acting carbohydrate to get our blood sugar up. It’s your body’s message telling you it’s time to eat.


It’s important to have a balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates in your diet, with the emphasis being on more complex carbohydrates and less simple ones. An easy way to ensure the right kind of carbohydrates is to choose whole grain bread and cereals at breakfast, legumes (bean based soups, vegetarian chili) at lunch, and to include vegetables, salads and grains such as brown rice, bulgur, or whole-wheat pasta at dinner. Select fresh fruits for desserts. Good snack choices include fresh or dried fruit, a whole grain granola bar, or hummus with vegetable sticks or whole grain crackers.

Ribet amat yak?😉

Sumber: http://www.shapefit.com/good-carbs-vs-bad-carbs.html


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